Meet the band

Lame Indie Rock band from utah

Pale Dream is comprised of Trey Hoskins (lead vocals, guitar), Mari Ericksen (drums, percussion, vocals), Michael Hockman (guitar), Bray Buell (bass), and Nate Harris (Keyboard). The band orginally started out in St. George, Utah as a passion project between Mari and Trey in there senior year of high school (2018). What started as a small prject soon became something more, as they began to add new members, releasing music and writing new material. Pale Dream now calls Salt Lake City, Utah their home, and have begun the journey of making a name for themseleves in this new area. 


Their sound calls back to the 1980s new wave revolution, alongside the goth indie rock feel of the 80s and 90s. The band plans on releasing their debut album "Curse" in October 2022.